Volunteering and internship in Madurai Seed are available for Indian and international students, teachers, and visitors. Skills and talents of the volunteers and intern are always linked to the needs of children and young people in the field.


Many people choose to help us by volunteering their time and sharing their skill. There are no time obligations and since we don't have any hierarchy, you can be assured that nobody will 'boss' you around. It's a friendly group, come join us and help as much as you can.

You can teach classes, teach skills, provide art classes, give trainings or seminars on your interest, life stories are great things to share and inspire, anything that is useful for children and young people, educational, resourceful, recreational, and motivational, Madurai Seed welcomes you.

Some friends from abroad have done classes through Skype. Many ELT professionals are giving annual visits.

No ideas what to do? No problem. We’ll never miss a person who likes to volunteer; we value your interest and time. Give us a visit or call or mail; we can together find possible ways for you to volunteer in your preferred interest and time.

We believe in sharing and mutual benefits. During the course of volunteering, you can take part in other activities of Madurai Seed, use our resources and contacts, and learn from each other.

It is not always about giving something. Give us a visit and we can be good friends.