MADURAI SEED believes education is the route out of poverty. But, what if poverty takes a toll on education. It is unfortunate that education becomes expensive, and burden to the families of low income areas.

Even for the government school children, the start of educational year comes with some expenses. They couldn’t enjoy the privileges of school education because of their under resourced situation.

Many people go to college as first generation graduates. When they join colleges, they needed certain money to get admitted. If they don’t get assistance at that time, there is a big chance they miss the admission or join the course they don’t have any interest.

Skill oriented courses apart from schools and colleges need to be encouraged since they are the ones that ensure their employability.

By supporting a teaching volunteer’s college education in Madurai Seed, he/she will be teaching and help to conduct other activities for children at least three years. By helping him/her, the benefit reaches children.

What Madurai Seed do:

Madurai Seed’s scholarship program aims at providing a minimum level monetary support for school, college, professional courses and skill trainings and sponsoring of other necessary things needed for studies. Thanks to KFR, FMS and individual donors.

MADURAI SEED’s Philosophy:

We help as many children as possible.
We focus on those who are in greatest need.
We don’t avoid difficult cases.
We encourage parents to take some responsibilities.

For Whom:

At present Madurai Seed is providing scholarship assistance for very needy children, single parent families, first graduate college goers, teaching volunteers associated with Madurai Seed’s evening supplementary education centers in Karumbalai area of Madurai.