MADURAI SEED is a grass root non- profit organization founded in 1999 committed to promote the socially and economically disadvantaged people with special reference to children and Young People in Karumbalai and around Madurai of Tamil Nadu, South India. In 2007 MADURAI SEED is duly registered under the Indian Trust Act. The SEED represents the children and young people who are bursting with self potent. They need only nurturing soil, water and caring to let them grow and achieve greater heights.


MADURAI SEED supports children and young people who suffer from a number of disadvantages.  Economically, their families are poor, Socially, their communities are identified as "backward" and given little respect, Physically, their living environment lacks basic necessities such as living space, rooms, sanitation, water and peaceful atmosphere, Educationally, their schools are substandard and they receive little support from mostly uneducated parents. They also lack exposure to positive, encouraging role models. MADURAI SEED is working in Karumbalai, and around 6 areas which are economically and socially backward slum areas. It is predominantly constituted by daily wage earners, depending on construction, street vending, sweepers & manhole workers, etc.


MADURAI SEED envisages a state at which,"All the Children and Young People Are Educated, Healthy, Mature, Responsible and Capable of Leading Our Future World"


"To Provide a Supportive, Nurturing Environment for Socially, Economically Disadvantaged Children and Young People to Discover and Develop Their Mental Abilities; Enrich Their Sense of Self-Esteem, and Empower Them with Emotional Stability to Promote Personal and Social Responsibilities."


MADURAI SEED places special emphasis on a holistic approach to support and empower the children and young people educationally in a variety of ways. Via drop-in centers, it offers local children and young people help with their schoolwork and also with the transition to their working lives. It does this through supported study groups and training, a library to develop their reading ability, sports activities, excursions, camps, and a range of creative activities such as dance, art classes, etc. In this way, MADURAI SEED gives very underprivileged children and young people the opportunity to make progress educationally, personally and socially, and to work towards a vocational goal.


The children who studied in the education centers are joining again as volunteers to give the same “Madurai Seed” experience to the succeeding generation. The volunteers are also from the same locale studying in various colleges. The volunteers do not just teach but also provide role models with good study habits - day in, day out, week in, week out - indicates the charisma, commitment and idealism of these people.