A children's journal – Puduyugam (New World) - as well as for young people’s - Pudhiya Velichangal (New Lights)- both offer these children and young people an opportunity to express their views creatively.

The children journal Puduyugam is prepared by and for the children, there is a children editorial team overseas that. It is being published for private circulation. It creates a joyful learning platform, enhancing their writing skill and creative thinking. There are special issues published like short story, theatre scripts, and girl children’s issue.

The Pudhiya Velichangal of young people is also managed by youth editorial team. It is more like a pamphlet.

Both journals echo the voices of children and young people to the outer world. It is a great joy to see one’s name in a printed material under their creation. We like to see that smile in our children and young people’s faces. Creative writing workshops are conducted regularly by the editorial teams.

We publish the journal in irregular intervals due to financial limitations. We would like to publish regularly (at least 2 issues per year). Indian friends can donate for the publication. You can download and read the previous issues below.