First and foremost, MADURAI SEED's main goal is to ensure its sustained service. Donation big or small is the backbone of an organization like Seed.

Many of MADURAI SEED's projects have yet to be realized. So far, lack of funding has made this impossible. We hope for supporters to implement these projects.


Madurai Seed’s education centers are functioning in rental buildings. There are lots of limitations in functioning in rental rooms. The space and amenities are not adequate. We are planning to purchase a land and have our own building according to our needs with necessary amenities.

We need not pay rents which will decrease a great finance load. An own building will help the organization keep on running sustainably. It will accommodate more children, young people, and activities.

Join yourself, your family, and friends in this huge task. Provide your support in whatever way possible to you. Help as much as you can to lay one brick at a time. Email us for more detailed information.


Provide financial support for children and young people for schools, colleges, special trainings, and professional courses. It can be one time or continuous, full or partial, minimum or maximum. Anything is appreciated, and will help a child or young people to learn.


You can also encourage volunteers by providing monthly stipend for them. The stipend will be helpful for their college education. From them, many children will get benefits.


Books, teaching materials, audio visual materials, gift subscriptions for journals, educational toys, sport and game things, print expenses for children magazine, anything that is related to teaching, learning, education, skills and personality development, we value your contribution and children and young people will be the beneficiaries.


  • To implement a food supplement program in evening centers - to help children get a more balanced nutrition. This will help them perform better and grow healthily.

  • To start a model school with holistic approach for children.

  • To institute a training and resource center for educational research and social innovative activities.