Skills And Personality Development Programs

In addition to the regular evening classes, MADURAI SEED provides skills and personality development programs through club activities, camps, trainings, workshops, seminars, field trips, dance, drama, creative activities, and sports to encourage the growth of young minds and to help them identify and develop their talents.

We believe learning can happen only in a fruitful, stress free, fun filled, resourceful environment which provides them chances to think freely, to express, to share ideas, to work with others, and to get hands on experience.

Children and Young people have only minimum or they have no exposures in their families and schools as they are in deprived economic situation. The personality development programs raise the children and young people as confident, independent, responsible individuals. They learn important life skills that shape their relationship with the society. They are able to think of their dreams for future and learning necessary skills and values at present to achieve the dream.


MADURAI SEED facilitates the children and young people with quarterly, half yearly and summer camps every year. The Vasantham Summer Camp in the month of May is very popular among children. We organize theatre camps, creative self expression workshops, art and craft training each year. Film screening, photography classes, computer classes, drawing and cooking classes are also organized. Seminars on academic and non academic topics are delivered regularly. We take help from college professors, school teachers, social activists, artists, resource persons, local NGOs and volunteers in delivering these programs. Programs in public spaces are also organized for parents, and public to take part.


Theatre is a powerful educational tool. When they perform they get immense self esteem, they feel a great sense of achievement. Every person has a job to do there, everyone’s skill is utilized, every one work in their full potential to achieve a similar goal. It transforms their whole personality and gives chances to dialogue with the world. Madurai Seed organizes theatre camps, produces plays regularly. We encourage children to produce short dramas by themselves. So far nearly 10 plays are produced. You can watch some of them in our YouTube channel.


Various national, international, religion and cultural important days are observed to bring awareness, knowledge, and values behind the day. Special guests are invited on these days to motivate the children and young people. We intensify cultural aspects rather than rituals. Our goal is to raise free thinking, tolerant, open minded global citizens. During these celebrations, children and young people share responsibilities and function together as a big family.


Children and young people should get chances to explore the places around them which is not happening in their families and schools. We provide them chances to see various places and participate in programs happening around them. These act as an extension of classroom study. We give importance to historical, cultural, and ecological important places for visitis.


Club activities broaden their horizon through various clubs dedicated to cultural enhancement, science, medical, sports, literature, and social science. Children and young people study these subjects in schools for exams and marks, but here the knowledge is incorporated with hands on experience. The activities happen at four levels, Madurai Seed organized programs for children and young people, volunteer organized programs for children, and children organized programs for children, other organization organized program. Children develop interest of a particular subject, enhance their knowledge and skills of the desired subject, and take it to further level in their life.


Literature club introduces the taste of reading and appreciating all literary forms. Children and young people learn to visualize, recreate, and respond creatively. They begin to empathize with people and appreciate diversity. It organizes storytelling, debates, poetry recitation, group reading sessions, takes them to literary meetings a round the city.


The science club kindles their sense of wonder and scientific temper. We are keen the children shouldn’t memorize science for exams rather understanding of the concepts and applications is encouraged. We take the help of activity based learning through experiments, presentations, videos, exhibitions, seminars and modeling.


Social science club imparts knowledge on history, geography, civil studies, cultural studies, religion, sociology, Philosophy, economics and politics and all liberal arts through conducting discussion, seminars, and participation. It aims to raise children with social and political awareness.


Medical club organizes various events like medical camps, seminars of doctors, awareness meetings for children, young people, adolescent girls, and public in partner with various health care agencies. It also takes care of safety and minor first aid.


Sports is an integral part of child’s development both physically and mentally. In Karumbalai children don’t have any playgrounds to play. During holidays volunteers arrange for indoor games in the centers, and take children to the nearby parks and playgrounds for outdoor games. It also conducts annual sports meet.


In this club they practices dance and songs. Children and young people learn culture-specific performing arts. In this way, the children and young people learn to appreciate their own cultural background. When they perform before others on a stage, and get applauses it is a great experience and memory they cherish throughout their life. It also adds up so many positive things in shaping their skills and personality. It also conducts “Margazhi Utsav” – the annual cultural festival.