Opportunities for internship are always available throughout the year. During the placement period, the intern can work closely with children and young people. Students from local colleges and abroad are working in Madurai Seed as interns. Our philosophy is giving our interns the root of responsibility and wings of freedom.

Students who are studying social work, international affairs will be exposed to a range of sessions including NGO management, fund raising, organizing programs, field visits, ethics in social work and also specific requirements related to the internship.

MADURAI SEED also invites international students on internship. Foreign students are enabled to adapt to the Indian context through personalized care. They will be provided inputs regarding educational, social, cultural things, Tamil classes and guided tours if they want. You will be provided adequate help in your assignments, research or project submission about the internship.

Elon, an American university student did a project “Don’t discriminate, Celebrate” about how multi-religious celebrations at Madurai Seed promotes secularism.

Rebecca, a Swiss school student did a project on “Growing up in an Indian slum” a comparative study of teen girls in Karumbalai and Zurich.

Thurcga, a law student from France taught basic French to the young people.

People from any discipline can apply for an internship, we can discuss over the possibilities of your need, requirements, and skills and how it can be matched with the needs of children, young people, and the organization. We especially welcome people with skill sets in teaching, management, ELT, art and crafts, theatre, photography, psychology, law, sports, writing, travel, science, philosophy, film making, and whatever related to learning and teaching.