MSCF practices democracy, advocates child rights, and develops leadership skills. Here children work in groups to plan and execute activities by and for them. The representatives of clubs, classes, and presidents are selected by election every year. The representatives and leaders are given opportunity to participate and express their views during the planning of important activities. The children are given their participation rights in all programs. The federation also makes sure the girl students are given equal importance and participations. It overseas no child left behind policy. They also initiate simple social service programs for public, old age people, homeless and patients.


MSYF comprises of college people. MADURAI SEED's Young People federation is organized with the vision to make Karumbalai as a model area where there is no caste, religious discrimination and a place full of educated. The objectives of MSYF are to realize the social responsibilities as well as to make others realize, to help the community in many possible ways like blood donation, to make awareness in the community about education, drug addiction, environment protection, sanitation and etc.

The federations make children and young people to participate actively in the organizations policy making, and programs. They are treated as important stake holders rather not treating them as mere beneficiaries and receivers. It gives platform to express, reflect, and communicate with the outer world by taking part in other organization’s programs and during public events. It gives importance to their voices, makes them realize their potential, and develop them into a multi faceted personality. The federations make them aware about nonviolence, peace, and justice. It makes them have a vision, empathy, and awareness towards the society outside, and shows them possible ways and means to stay connected with the society with individual contribution to the society.