Holistic Education Centers

MADURAI SEED has developed Holistic Education Centers (Arangam) which bring educational, social, and personality development in the children and young people. The centers are located in Karumbalai, a low income area in Madurai. We provide them opportunities which otherwise they aren’t getting from the schools and families. We bridge the gap in their educational, social, recreational, and guidance needs.

There are 5 Arangams based on the age group. These centers (Arangam) are for the school and college going children and young people. These centers are functioning after school hours every day. Students attend the centers regularly, where they get educational guidance and support through the volunteers of MADURAI SEED. The students are also participating in extracurricular activities, saving schemes, life skills development and personality development activities of MADURAI SEED.

Vandugal Arangam creates joyful learning environment for the young children belonging to 1st standard to 4th standard between the ages 6 - 9 years. "Vandugal" in Tamil means "Children with joy and boundless freedom". They are being taught Tamil, English, and Mathematics in a play way method that they prefer. There are 5 volunteers to take care of these children.

Vergal Arangam (Roots Center)is specifically meant for the children from 5th to 8th standards (10 years to 13 years). At this stage, most of the children are dropping out from schools. So, we try to remove the bitterness in education among children. Individual attention is given on Tamil, English, Maths, Science and Social Science. There are 5 volunteers taking care of this center.

"Kanavugal Arangam" means dreams center. This age group (14 years to 17 years) of children reach adolescent stage, who need proper guidance and counseling for better future. They are studying 9th std to 12th std. This Kanavugal Arangam gives solid support in their studies, to plan for their higher studies, to plan for their future, so as to achieve in their lives. There are 6 volunteers teaching in this center.

"Thedalgal Arangam" is for college going young people. Thedalgal means Discover. The young people are provided with personality development programs and activities to discover their potential. The center channelizes the energy of youth in constructive means. English language classes, teacher trainings, communication skill development, media literacy classes, creative self expression workshops are some examples of activities happen here. This center functions as a resource center for young people to develop themselves and involve themselves in social service activities.

Hostel Extension is another initiative. We also extended our service two nearby hostels, where children from disadvantaged background stay, and attend government schools. 8 volunteers are going to teach the hostels where totally around 250 children are getting benefited. They are also included in our public programs and some special activities.

Slow learner support is an initiative for children who lack basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required for their age and class. They lack fundamental skills which can push them away from educational path and lead to drop out. They should not be excluded, if they are given adequate assistance and basic skills they can also come up in educational trail and achieve. We try to identify the needed children, and assist them with necessary classes, volunteers are given inputs to teach these children.

Guidance and Counseling is an important aspect in our interventions. Parents aren’t aware to give proper guidance to their children. Schools stress on passing the grade and marks, but not what to do after that. It is where our works are very crucial to give them educational guidance about higher education streams, colleges, career options, entrance exams, application processes, etc. We talk to children about their interests as well as parents to encourage their dreams. Young people in colleges are given career guidance. We take help from the experts according to the needs.

Some High Lights:

  • The education centers are managed by college going young people from the same locale. The centers are open to all interested children and young people regardless of their religious or social, economic background.

  • Not only have their marks and their exam success improved dramatically, the children also are now demonstrating their other talents: The children and young people are growing in self-confidence and self-belief.

  • For the girls especially MADURAI SEED is very significant .when a girl is educated, she has a far greater chance of finding a career and able to earn her own living, and of therefore breaking out of the closed circle of this underprivileged life.

  • Around 70% of students passing their 10th, 12th, and graduation are the first persons from their families achieved that level of formal education.

  • Volunteers are being trained to deliver the evening classes different from the schools and in interesting manner. Unlike school each child gets individual attention and able to ask their doubts and study at their own pace.

  • English is given more importance in the center. Every day one hour is dedicated to English class. The volunteers teach it in functional way. They use Oxford, Cambridge course books, story books, and games.

  • The centers are functioning 3 hours every day evening to study and also opened on weekends for 8 hours for children to come, study, read library, play, and to participate in special events. The centers are the home away from home for children, and find the volunteers as their brothers and sisters.

  • In the year 2017 -2018, totally 524 children got directly benefited from the education centers in Karumbalai and hostels.