Vizhuthugal (Aerial Roots) is the Alumni Association for former children and volunteers. Vizhuthugal (Aerial Roots) give support to big trees. The alumni feels even they are in several walks of life at the moment, their roots are here.

The alumni can render monetary support, knowledge support, or moral support. Children and young people of today are getting more inspirations from them to study well, to come up in life, and to come back to Madurai Seed. They can join themselves in our activities, visit the centers, teach classes, and make use of our resources and contacts. The circle gets bigger when they talk about Madurai Seed in their working environment.

We could see the impact of our intervention among our alumnae. Their job profiles and how this younger generation tastes the fruits of education will tell you the success stories. They are also coming back, and involve themselves in giving the same MADURAI SEED experience to the younger ones, they once had. We constantly stress the importance of this cycle to our beneficiaries.

The alumni are working in various arenas of society as Engineers, teachers, police, advocates, government employees, social workers, technicians, entrepreneurs, and private employees. Most of them are first generation graduates.

We value their coming back as one of the strengths for the organization. It is an important extension of Madurai Seed family.

There are more than 75 members registered in the Alumni. They meet once in every year to reaffirm the bond between them and their alma-matter.

M.V.Pethuraj, O.Manikandan, P.Saranya Devi, S. Sulthan, P.Ramki are providing great support and being the pillars of alumni association.