College Admissions 2020

This year it was the difficult situation. 12th std students have received their results late. College admissions have started late. All the procedures were made online; application, selection list, etc. Government colleges has started admissions very lately.

College final year exams weren’t conducted. Students didn’t know whether they will be conducted or not. Some colleges have started admissions for post graduate degrees.

Overall 12th std finished students and college final year students were in a stressed situation about their future plans.

However, Madurai Seed has helped them in getting information, guidance, and online application processes.

4 students have joined in first year college studies. 2 students have joined in teacher training courses. 1 joined in a Diploma course.


B.A. English


BBA, Business Administration


B.Sc Microbiology

Mugesh Kumar

B.Sc Physical Education


B.A, B.Ed




B.Sc, Diploma


Vigneswaran and Anand who showed interest in photography and editing were guided and supported to study extra course after their graduation. Our Director Karthikbharathi recommended their names to a person who is known in the area of IT in Madurai. After the interview, they got selected. Now they are working in an IT company in Madurai as Graphic Designers.


Prem earned his degree in Tourism & Hospitality. He worked in an amusement park in Kerala. He was not satisfied with the job and returned. During the course of his job search, he stayed in touch with Madurai Seed and did volunteering. Now he got a satisfying job as a caretaking supervisor in a school for special children and continue as a volunteer in Madurai Seed.



Surya, who finished graduation two years ago was working in various private jobs, which were not suitable for his creativity and personality. When people from AgaramInai foundation approached Madurai Seed for some guidance, we asked job opportunities for our young people. Surya attended their interview got selected. Now, he is working as a district coordinator for renowned Agaram-Inai organization.


I am Ramki studying 11th std. My father passed away in an accident when I was in 10th std.   I am very afraid of my future education. At that time MADURAI SEED gave proper guidance and helps. I got 404/500 marks in 10th std. Then MADURAI SEED help me to get 11th admission in Thiagarajar Model School and paid my fees. I wish to study further and to get a good job. MADURAI SEED is helpful to my education and I’ll reach great heights definitely. After I settle in my life, I would like to help other needy children to continue education.

Ramki scored 1010 marks out of 1200 in 12th std. 


I’m Amutha. I am the third girl among 4 girl children in my family. I have finished my UG in English, and B.Ed. These are all happen by Madurai Seed’s support to my education. I had 4 years of experience in teaching to Madurai Seed’s children. This gave me many experiences and interest to become a teacher. When I’m in Seed, I had met many resource persons, achievers, and teachers. Those gave me an inspiration.

Amutha is teaching English at a private school in Madurai



Karthik Anna’s guidance talk was very useful for me. It was very helpful to parents who couldn’t study up to 5th std. They understand the importance of education. Before, I got confusion about selecting my area of higher education. My Parents are also in depression about the family situation. But, we get our answers for questions and confusions. Karthik Anna talked about departments in colleges, details of colleges in Madurai, details of professional education. Other volunteers were also there to clear doubts. Being the session about my future life, this was very useful to me personally. P.Maheswari

Maheswari scored 1064 marks in 12th std. She got a merit seat in a government college. She is now in second year of Electrical and Communication Engineering.


I am Sundhari; want to share my experiences with MADURAI SEED. I will remember the supports of MADURAI SEED    throughout my life time. My son Thanga Velayutham dropped out from school in 9th std. MADURAI SEED   encouraged him to study privately. Now he is in a good job. My daughter Thanga Lakshmi also studied in MADURAI SEED. She got 1036 marks out of 1200 in 12th std. She is the first woman got this much of marks in the history of Karumbalai.  My daughter finished her under graduation and going to study teacher training this year.


Today, I’m an engineer. My elder brother, Mohan is a graduate. My younger brother has just finished 10th std last year. All these are possible only through MADURAI SEED. Both my mother and father are illiterate. Though, we have come from very poor economic background, we remain now as people with filled with self confidence. My house is too small and no proper place to study. Thedalgal Arangam seems to be an apt place for my studies. For the past years, I use MADURAI SEED’s Thedalgal Arangam for my night studies. I’ve scored only 86% in x std and 71% in XII std. My family situation and poor economic condition didn’t permit me to join a college. I was so depressed. But, MADURAI SEED took care of me and gave me proper helps. “To become an Engineer” is my childhood dream. MADURAI SEED gave scholarship for me continuously. MADURAI SEED also helped me to get a bank loan. Not only for me, but also for my elder brother, who has failed in VIII std and dropped out from school in XI std. Then, he finished 12th std through MADURAI SEED. Again, there were two year drop out. Now, again he did studying Tamil Literature with the aid of MADURAI SEED. My younger brother got MADURAI SEED’s guidance in eighth std., continuing his studies with the support of MADURAI SEED……                 O.Manikandan B.E

Manikandan is now working in Dexterity Business Analyst as junior programmer.


The maximum education level among my family is only up to ninth standard. I belong to joint family (Four families are living together). From this four families, there are nine people for this new generation. Two of them have dropped out from school due to lack of interest. Among the remaining, 2 Young People are Post Graduates and one is an Under Graduate.  Now, my younger brother, my cousin and I have attained a valuable status and be came high valued people from the illiterate family. All these are possible only because of the valuable guidance and support of Madurai SEED. My brother (Thamarai Selvan) and I are doing post graduation in social work. My three cousins are doing graduation in Tamil, Maths. I’ve fallen like a SEED in “Madurai SEED” and now, have grown like a big tree!- K.Anbarasan

He is now working as a counselor to HIV patients in a NGO.


My Dear Seed Students

I am proud and consider fortunate to have interacted with all the kids (Mohan, Ramachandren, Baskar, Alagiri, Saravana Kumar, Magudapathi, Karpaga Jothi, Thanga Lakshmi) during the times I spend at seed as a regular volunteer, an later as an irregular one!!

I always have very fond memories of these kids. When I came in as a volunteer I was a 2nd year BSc student at the American college. These “young people” were just small kids then.

I don’t know how much I was able to teach them or inspire them. But for sure, I learned a lot from these kids and they are truly heroes (applies for both male and female here!!) in their own right. They were all from very humble backgrounds…. and yet had very big hearts… each one of them. That was a very big eye –opener, revelation of sorts, for me.

Believe it or not believe it, I think they played as much of a vital part in shaping my life and career as I modestly did to theirs.

Indeed every kid at seed is a winner and a great inspiration for any body. We can always learn how to be a fighter when odds are staked against you.

I fondly remember my science classes, camps, kootanchoru and other lighter activities with them. Baskar, Karpaga Jothi, Thangam all did very well at the science camps. If my memories serve me well,  Thangalakshmi came very close to winning a the first prize. She was just in her 5th or 6th class I think. Boy.. she gave Arun a run for his money!!

Well, the hard and sad fact of life is that it keeps everybody moving to different places all the time. I always miss the good old days at seed, with the Kids, Karthi anna and also Suresh (who was, in fact, as much of an inspiration to me as the kids are).

I sure Mohan, Ramachandren, Baskar, Alagiri, Saravana Kumar, Magudapathi, Karpaga Jothi, Thanga Lakshmi will miss Seed too. But that’s life. Keep moving on.

We love you and we are very proud of you.

Good luck and Best regards

Gowthaman Uthaman, PhD.

Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Yale University School of Medicine



good evening,

though physically not present in the seed centre iam there amidst you guys, seeing you all entering a new phase in your life.  let me congratulate you, Mohan, Ramachandren, Baskar, Alagiri, Saravana Kumar, Magudapathi, Karpaga Jothi, and Thanga Lakshmi.  my best wishes for your future endeavours.
your job is your identity untill now people around you were taking care of you, from now onwards its your turn to take good care of them.
its nice to hear from karthik anna that some of you have teaching jobs in Velamma, TVS Lakshmi and Polytechnic, hearty congratulations to you.  i personally consider doctors and teachers are the most blessed in the society.  their service is indespensable. you are becoming teachers, and it brings withit added responsibility. with god's blessings and karthik anna's guidance you come so far in life.  but this is not the limit strive hard try to reach better positions. let me remind you again dont forget that its your pay back time to seed centre. 
do your duty with atmost sincerity.  and thank you very much for being with karthik anna during hard times.
i thank karthik anna for giving me this opportunity.
wishing you all a grand success,

ever yours
suresh kumar
( Former Volunteer, Central Govt. Employee)