MADURAI SEED is a grass-root level organization working since 1999, aims to promote socially economically disadvantaged children and young people. We believe in a holistic approach to support and empower them through educational activities. The Seed represents children and young people with potential to grow into big trees, with right opportunities, guidance, and motivation they can achieve great heights.

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The holistic education centers provide children and young people lots of opportunities which they normally lack in schools, families, and in their locale.These centers function after schools hours every day and during holidays too. Volunteers who are college going students from the same locale teach the children. The centers also provide a range of art, creative, reading, sports, life skills and personality development activities. In this way MADURAISEED offers children and young people of low income areas to make progress educationally, personally, socially and to work towards a career goal.

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Madurai Seed provides a space to come together, to think, to speak, and to act upon constructive means that will help disadvantaged children and young people’s personality, skill, education, social and emotional development. We happily invite you to join hands in our mission of bringing up underprivileged children and young people through the ways and means of education. We strongly believe education is the route out of poverty, and a powerful tool to transform the life of individuals, society, and the world.
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Alumni Meet

Vizhuthugal Alumni Meet to be conducted on 05/11/2023


Diwali celebration to be conducted on 09/11/2023 at Sevalayam Hostel

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25 Events

Celebrating womanhood - 25 events were conducted continously from 06/10/2023 to 30/10/2023.

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some photos from latest activities.

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